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SEO Stats for 2021: A Non-Exhaustive List of Search Engine Optimization Statistics

Every year Google releases countless algorithm updates to optimize its search results, leaving all of us guessing as to what the future holds. The ever-evolving algorithms cause changes of scenery in the SEO landscape. The development of your business is tightly connected with how well you know the latest SEO trends and how well you actually optimize your website.

In this post I’ve gathered the most intriguing and useful SEO stats for modern marketer and business owners alike in order to create a future-proof SEO strategy that will beat even the strongest competition.

Let’s get familiar with the most important SEO statistics to have a bigger picture of what is going on in the digital world.

Organic Search VS Paid Search

The analysis conducted by Brightedge shows that 51% of B2B and B2C website traffic is driven by organic search, 10% traffic is generated by paid search and only 5% is coming from social media. Organic search dominates across different industries. These searches are coming from Google 70.42%, Baidu 13.86%, Bing 12.54%, Yahoo 1.69%. These numbers already prove that Google plays a central role. If you want to increase your organic traffic, you need to have Google search optimized content.

Google Search Statistics

Google has 3.5 billion searches daily and 1.2 trillion searches yearly worldwide. These numbers are rising rapidly, making it impossible to rely on the latest statistics.

There are over 200 Google ranking factors that search engines consider, among them the most important ones are backlinks and high-quality content. 

According to the study, 90.63% of websites have no organic traffic, and the biggest reason is the backlinks’ absence in 55.24% of pages. The backlinking strategy might increase your page rankings. Don’t underestimate it!

High-quality content is the next key factor. HubSpot analysis shows that business blogging generates 55% more website visitors. Hence, having a blog post sector on your webpage will help rank higher on Google. The content must be well structured and long-form. It gives you the topic-expert-look, and Google features your webpage as the most informative and helpful resource.

Security is always a big issue everywhere, and it won’t be surprising to say that website security issues also affect rankings. It is already time to move from HTTP to HTTPS encryption to have a better chance to be on the top.

The loading time also matters. Google gives an advantage to websites that load quickly. Around 53% of visitors will close the page if it takes more than 2-3 seconds to load. Even a second delay might decrease the number of visitors.

A new-born website will never bring the desired results. Everything requires time. According to Ahref, you have to wait at least 3 years to be involved in the top 10 results.

SEO Statistics for Ranking on the First Page

The goal of many website owners is to be ranked on the first page of Google search results. The reason is only 25% of people are interested to see what is behind the first page. In general, 67% of total clicks are from the top five search results. Having higher rankings provides more sales and conversions, that is why your full concentration should be in that direction.

Mobile SEO Statistics

There are 4.78 billion unique mobile users, and 73.2% of them own smartphones. Based on this global picture, companies make their websites mobile-friendly. If the page is not functioning via mobile or has bad performance, Google will never rank it higher.

​For the optimization of your website, consider its user behavior on mobile. Internet users statistics prove that point as there are 4.33 billion internet users worldwide, and 3.7 billion of them are from mobile devices. More attention should be paid to website performance on different devices to obtain more clicks. Note, the first results of searches get more clicks on mobile than on desktop.

Voice Search SEO Statistics

It is not a secret that people look for simplicity and ways how to spend less energy and get desired results. The increasing role of voice search comes to prove that. Who has a desire to type something for several minutes if Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa can answer their inquiries in no time? 50% of people are now searching products via voice search, and their number will reach 122.7 million users in 2021.

Keyword Research Statistics

Keyword research is becoming more and more crucial for the digital world. 50% of search results end up without any click because they don’t include any keywords. To optimize your website keywords for SERP, you have to choose long-tail and targeted keywords. Right chosen keywords will make your page also appear in voice search. 50% of search queries contain 4 or more targeted keywords, and 92.42% of right-selected keywords get at least ten searches monthly. In general, 0.16% of them are responsible for around 61% of searches.

Video SEO Stats

To boost your search engine ranking, videos are becoming the best option. High-quality videos are featured by SERPs as the best answers for many of the queries. Video existence on your website can boost your organic traffic by 157%. Simply uploading a video won’t help if the content or overall page isn’t optimized for the video search. Several factors, such as video length, topic, language, video and audio quality, keywords are playing a huge role. 

It is expected that 82% percent of global internet traffic will come from video downloads and video streaming in 2022. Make sure you optimize your video content to be visible to such a massive number of users.

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