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200+ SEO Statistics to Transform Your Strategy in 2022

On the contrary, and in contrast to many people’s opinion that SEO is already dead, it is a continually growing phenomenon (by the way, more than 90 people search for that phrase every month).

Our accurate and detailed statistics will prove that the ever-changing game of SEO is still much alive. Moreover, it is your number one helper to boom your business objectives. Keep reading to find more.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at:
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    General SEO Statistics for Ranking on the First Page

    • Users start 68% of their online activities by entering search engines. 
    • 75% of users never move on from the first page of SERP. 
    • Organic search dominates search channel share by delivering 53.3% of traffic to websites.  
    • The average page in Google’s top 10 results has a life of two and more years. And the pages that rank #1 on the SERP are three years old. 
    • The average page in the top 10 results contains 1447 words.
    • According to the data by Ahrefs, 12.29% of all search query results now contain featured snippets in their SERP.
    • Email and using a search engine are among the most popular online activities users take part in.
    • 46% of people verify the stock and inventory online before going to the shops. 
    • Google currently is a dominant search engine handling 92.07% of the overall search engine market share. Then come Bing, Yahoo!, Baidu, and YANDEX with 3.04 %, 1.39%, 1.27% and 0.87% of the search market share, correspondingly. 

    Now that you have checked search engine ranking stats, let’s discuss the local SEO statistics.

    Local SEO Statistics

    If you have a business with a physical location that serves a geographic area, you should optimize your site for local searches. Google, for instance, offers various sets of ranking factors you can benefit from. We have collected a complete list of statistics to show you the importance of employing a thorough local SEO strategy.

    • 30% of all mobile lookups refer to location-based searches and queries. 
    • 76% of the users turn to their mobile devices to find nearby store locations, restaurants and eateries, and then arrange a visit within 24 hours. And 28% of these queries for fetch up in a store or other nearby locations. 
    76% of the users turn to their mobile devices to find nearby store locations, restaurants and eateries

    Voice Search SEO Statistics

    “Hey, Google! What are the latest voice search statistics? And how can I adapt my content for voice search?”

    52% of users perform voice search queries while driving.

    Video SEO Statistics

    Nowadays, the availability of smartphones with high-quality video cameras leads to a massive explosion in video content creation. You can find millions of videos on different topics such as product research, entertainment, music, tutorials, news, etc. So, another SEO tip you should apply is optimizing your videos so that they can thrill your audience and bring high visibility to your site. People download millions of videos each and every day on Youtube, Facebook, Tic-Tok and Instagram. 

    YouTube SEO Statistics

    Youtube is the world’s second-largest search engine. It provides you with valuable tips and tricks, and by following them, your video can stand out from the rest and rank high no matter the skyrocketing numbers of daily downloaded videos. Let’s shed light on all the super stats you should know to boost your search engine ranking.

    More than 50% of videos with high positions contain more than 50 words in the description section
    50 words 50%

    Mobile SEO Statistics

    Nowadays, you can effortlessly look up your burning question on search engines whenever and wherever you want, unless your smartphone is with you. With the skyrocketing number of people moving to mobile search, Mobilegeddon makes it necessary to have a mobile responsive website. Moreover, the above-mentioned Google algorithm update has caused a massive ranking loss for non-mobile-friendly pages since 2015. So, we have collected an ultimate list of mobile SEO statistics to show you how crucial can mobile optimization be for your site to rank at the top.


    % of people use their mobile phones to enter queries in the search engine at least once a day.


    % of all mobile queries are related to location


    % of Internet consumers have discovered a new service or product with mobile search.

    Keyword SEO Statistics

    Keywords have been hailed as one of the milestones in the search engine optimization process. SEO keywords ranging from a single word to long-tail phrases enable you to find out what potential customers are typing into the search engine. Keep in mind that effective keyword research is the starting point of a successful SEO campaign. Read on to find some statistics about how people look for information on search engines.

    Backlink and Link Building Statistics

    On average, services and brands with a blog have 97% more backlinks leading to their page.
    Backlinks 97%

    E-commerce SEO Statistics

    Worldwide e-commerce traffic comes from search engines39%
    Search engines35%
    Search ads4%

    Search Engines SEO Statistics

    % more traffic from organic search when compared to social media.

    Google Statistics

    • Google is the #1 search engine with dominating 91% market share results
    • Off-page factors like the number of links you have or the anchor text used make up over 80% of Google’s ranking algorithm.  
    • According to Ruth Porat, CFO of Google and parent company Alphabet, more than 1 billion users enter Google on a monthly basis. 
    • The number of searches people conduct on Google daily is more than 3.5 billion
    • More than 200 factors matter when Google’s search algorithm ranks your website.
    • Almost 25 % of websites minimize the size of images and texts by bytes to save 250KB thus making the page load faster. Moreover, 10% of web pages could even save more than 1MB. 
    • The typical website in Google’s top 10 search results is more than two years old. 
    • The first 5 websites on the Google search result page get 67.6% of all clicks.
    • 49% of services collect 1,000 views on their Google My Business listing on a monthly basis. And Google Maps provide one-third of business with more than 1000 views.

    Bing Statistics


    % organic searches dominate on Bing

    Yandex Statistics

    Baidu Statistics

    • Baidu owns 1.27% of the search engine market share worldwide.  
    • In 2021, the amount of money Baidu received from customers was $19.536 billion. It increased by 19.05% compared to the result received in 2020. 
    • The Baidu spider crawls Chinese web pages much slower and less often than the Google spider. 
    • One of the main drawbacks of Baidu is reading and evaluating subdomains. Yet, Baidu perfectly works with ‘.cn’ domains. You can also opt for ‘.com’ domains.
    • It takes almost two months for Baidu spiders to crawl your site and index it.


    Yahoo is the second largest search engine

    Yahoo Statistics

    B2B SEO Statistics

    If a user takes time to write a review, then you should sincerely respond to it. No matter how long it is and what it says, don’t just write an automated message. Users need to be appreciated and you must make sure to resolve their issues if they have some. Users pay attention to reviews and how companies respond to them, so this is a good chance to win people’s hearts by showing that you care about every customer.

    If a user writes a positive review, always thank them and offer some bonus as a reward for their review. You should encourage your users to give more reviews.

    Constantly Update Your App

    SEO Cost Statistics

    1. Local / Regional Focus
    2. Keyword Research (50-100 Keywords)
    3. Analytics Setup & Configuration
    4. Monthly Strategy Discussion
    5. Title Tag & Meta Tag Creation
    6. Internal Link Building (Crosslinking)
    7. Content Editing & Optimization
    8. Basic On-Site Optimization
    9. Monthly Custom Report
    10. Monthly Review Call
    $ paid backlink cost on average
    1. Competitive Keywords / Nationwide Focus
    2. Keyword Research (500+ Keywords)
    3. Analytics Setup & Configuration
    4. Monthly Strategy Discussion
    5. Title Tag & Meta Tag Creation
    6. Technical SEO – (Robots.txt, Sitemap, etc.)
    7. Speed Optimization / Image Optimization
    8. Internal Link Building (Crosslinking)
    9. Content Creation, Optimization & Editing
    10. Advanced On-Site / Code Optimization
    11. Offsite Link Building
    12. Conversion Optimization
    13. AB / Variation Testing
    14. Heat Map / Usability Reports
    15. Monthly Custom Report
    16. Monthly Personalized Review Call
    • On average, SEOs who serve the worldwide market charge 130.74% more than those serving their local market, on a monthly basis. 
    • SEO agencies charge more than freelancers and consultants. The average price for Freelancers is $68 per hour, while SEO agencies get almost 2 times more fees than that. 

    User Behavior SEO Statistics



    % of users make purchases after influencing by relevant


    % Google users click on results from the second


    % of users turn to their mobile devices in their I-want-to-buy moments

    Technical SEO Statistics

    • Technical SEO provides an average ROI of 117%
    • The average voice search result page loads in 4.6 seconds.
    •  A 1-second delay in website load time leads to conversion rates fall by 20%.
    • Moreover, 53% of mobile users will leave your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. 
    • You have about 3 seconds to catch your visitors’ attention or they’ll leave your page with no action performed. 
    • 2021’s User Experience Update will transform user experience into an important ranking factor. 
    • Google never ranks unindexed pages.
    • 85.7% of people consider page speed and indexationto be the major technical concerns for SEO agencies.
    A 1-second delay in website load time leads to conversion rates fall by 20%
    If it takes more than 3 seconds to load the percent of people that will leave your site will be53%

    On-page SEO Statistics

    • Relevant content creation is the most effective SEO strategy for 72% of marketers.
      The ideal length is 50 – 60 characters. If your title tag exceeds 60 characters, Google will only show the first 60. 
    • The perfect length for the meta description is no more than 160 characters.
    • According to 78% of CMOs the future of online marketing is custom content 
    • Search engines give a slight ranking advantage to short URLs over longer URLs. 

    SEO vs. Other Marketing Channels

    SEO Industry Statistics

    • Organic search is the online marketing channel that leads to highest ROI (almost 49%)  
    • In the US, the average base salary for SEOs is $52,894
    • 74.71% of SEOs charge a monthly retainer fee for their clients – Ahrefs
    • SEO specialists who have been in the SEO industry for two and more years charge almost $4,629.59. 

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