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Do you recognize the need for a social presence but don’t know where to start or how to implement an effective social media strategy? Do you regularly post content but can’t engage with followers? As active social media users have passed the 3.8 billion mark, it’s not enough anymore to be only present on social media. It’s vital for businesses to be active on social media networks because:

1 %
of B2B traffic is generated through LinkedIn
1 bln
social media users around the world equating to 57% of the global population
1 %
Instagram users have taken action after seeing a product post

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Social Media Audit

Social Media Audit

Social media audit gives an opportunity to check your business’ presence on different social media channels, overall performance and engagement rate. This will give us a complete understanding about your strengths and weaknesses. When we perform audit, we will use Social media software tools to identify what works and what doesn’t in your current social media strategy.
This includes checking the content you’re sharing, monitoring your posts timing, understanding the performance of your current promotions and analysing the feedback from your customers.

Social Media Competitors’ Analysis

Social media competitors’ analysis is the process of monitoring, tracking, and analysis of your niche related competitor’s activities on social media, to understand what already works and formulate a winning marketing plan and strategy. The first steps in your competitors’ analysis are:

  • Identifying your niche competitive landscape
  • Understanding the social media channel relevance
  • Analyzing your competitors’ social media activities
  • Understanding competitors’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Documenting audience metrics such as followers, likes, etc
  • Visual content analysis


Social Media Competitors’ Analysis
Social Media Marketing Planning and Strategy

Social Media Marketing Planning and Strategy

Based on our social media audit, competitors’ research, general tendencies and upcoming trends we’ll develop a social strategy that helps you reach your main goals. We are here to help you build a social media presence from scratch and make data based decisions.
We will choose the best social platforms for your business. Our disciplined management and clear goals will ensure your success on different social media channels.

Social Media Profiles Setup

We will save your time and energy by setting up your social media accounts. Even if you have accounts we will create a professional and authentic-looking profile:

  • We will suggest research based social media channels best suitable for your business needs and niche,
  • Professionally designed images are the first eye catching component of your account. We will create images to make your feed more compelling,
  • We will set your company’s information sections including about us and contact us information, opening and closing hours, etc.
  • Satisfy your users curiosity with a noticeable photo gallery which shows your work, services, products and company culture.
  • We will set up admin rights and notifications to authorize and create content, look at insights.
  • ​We will make it easy for customers to reach you through social media channels by linking with your website.

Social Media Advertising

Social media platforms are different and each of them needs a unique approach for reaching out to new customers. But it’s a fact that big social media channels require hard work and advertisement which will benefit almost all industries and businesses to engage and inform their niche related audience.
Our research and data based advertising management services include targeted audience research, ad content writing, professional photo creation, data analysis and constant reporting.
Although our solutions vary based on business and industries, however, they usually include ad set up, monitoring, analysis, A/B testing and optimization. But , keep in mind, that each client presents a unique and specific scenario.

Discussion and Community Building

Building an involved social media community and inspiring online discussions will increase your brand’s visibility and awareness, develop sincere relationships with your customers.
It lets your audience see that you care about their opinions and feelings.
Our dedicated social media team will work with you to create strong relationships with your clients. The main signs of a strong social media community include:

  • Your audience sharing your posts and content,
  • Followers starting conversations and discussing your products or services,
  • Having your followers spreading a word about your brand,
  • Your followers sharing personal experience.
Discussion and Community Building
Reporting and Analysis

Reporting and Analysis

We analyse and deliver you with real time data and analytical insights. We provide you with immediate results, user behavior data and real-time feedback on what’s working which will allow you to optimize your products or services, features, ad campaigns, and interactions with clients. Our reports will include:

  • User engagement analysis
  • Clicks and website visits
  • Advertisement campaign ROI
  • Best performing posts
  • Customers reviews and feedback analysis
  • Data tracking and monitoring

Upcoming Social Media Trends Analysis

Our goal is to deliver data and future trend based results for achieving your business goals. Our new tendencies analysis help you gain solid insights and make innovative marketing decisions.
We collect and analyze available data and predictions provided from the biggest social media channels or new innovative technologies to keep your business ahead of your competitors and be flexible.

Upcoming Social Media Trends Analysis

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Personalized Approach SMM

Personalized Approach

We develop your social media management based on your business’ unique needs. There’s no general or copy and paste approach because we acknowledge that every business is different.

Data-Based Services

One of the difficult challenges of a social media strategy is understanding what type of content will get results for your industry. How do you make your customers care? We have already done the research and experienced first hand what works the best.

Quality of our Work

Quality of our Work

Our reputation and our work quality is our number one quality. Our team invests maximum efforts and 100% of our potential to deliver high quality results. We are always evolving and adapting to continuously evolving technologies and innovations.

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