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93% of Online Experiences Start With a Search

What do you do when you are faced with a certain issue? What about when you want to learn about a certain topic? Or want new recipes?

You ‘Google’ it!

People use the internet to fulfill their need for information.
Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing online content so that search engines, such as Google, display it as a top result for searches of certain keywords, helping your customers connect with your business online. Every time a search query is made, search algorithms choose web pages that are the most relevant to the given search term by ranking and showing the most authoritative and helpful results first. Google is aiming to recommend the most relevant answer in the best possible format from the most trustworthy source to its user. Therefore, ranking on the front page of Google can be the deciding factor between your business success or ultimate failure.

1 %
of consumers conduct online research before making a purchase online
1 +
searches happen each second
1 %
of all clicks gets the #1 result in Google

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SEO Audit

SEO Audit

A website SEO audit serves as the foundation of your overall SEO strategy. That’s why our SEO specialists start with an in-depth website audit before building your plan. SEO Audits are conducted by checking any on-site, technical and off-page issues that need to be repaired or improved in order to boost your site’s search engine rankings and performance. Auditing your web site allows us to discover technical issues, areas of improvement, as well as opportunities for your SEO strategy. For the most complete insight into your website, our SEO team uses a variety of SEO tools to provide your organization with a unique and competitive SEO strategy.

Custom Strategy

Before getting started with SEO every website needs a solid strategy to plan and outline all the steps that need to be made in order to improve search engine rankings. After we analyze your website, we set out to develop a customized strategy to take your organic traffic through the roof. We implement the most successful SEO techniques that will turn your website into a high-performing ranking machine that not only absolutely outranks your competition, but also ranks higher for the keywords your target audience uses the most. All the while, we prioritize user experience, making absolutely sure to optimize your website for visitors through various UX best practices, as it influences your search rankings, brand credibility, and audience retention.

Custom SEO Strategy
SEO Keyword Research

Keyword Research

After creating your custom strategy the first critical step is to conduct an in-depth keyword research. Our experienced SEO strategists discover and collect keywords and phrases your target audience is using in search engines, like Google, Bing and YouTube in order to optimize your site content and tailor your efforts to your ideal potential customers. Keywords impact almost every SEO task you perform, from finding content topics, on-page SEO, email outreach to content promotion. It helps your website reach potential customers by adapting to how they search. Using these key search terms in your content, like a blog post or sales page helps to rank higher for those keywords in the SERP, which is a great way to get more web traffic and convert more customers.

Competitor Analysis

A ton of businesses are competing for the same spot on the SERP but what kind of strategies are they using exactly? To answer this our SEO specialists run a competitive analysis that involves identifying your close competitors, finding their target keywords, researching their backlink profile, content, traffic and more. We analyze their strengths and weaknesses in order to reverse-engineer the most successful elements of these tactics and uncover new SEO opportunities for your success.

SEO Custom Strategy
On-page SEO Optimization

On-page Optimization

Google rewards efficient websites with better rankings and on-page SEO is your answer to a well-optimized website. On-page SEO optimization is about keyword-optimizing your content for search engines and users. Our full-service SEO agency experts optimize your commercial landing pages to rank for high-value keywords, publish high-quality blog content, optimize your website’s internal linking structure, write meta descriptions, header tags/title tags, fix crawl errors that prevent bots from crawling key pages and any other on-site enhancements to successfully optimize your website for key on-page SEO signals.

Technical SEO Optimization

Search engines have increasingly put more emphasis on websites that provide high-quality, user-friendly experiences for their users. That means it’s essential for today’s businesses to have a solid digital foundation. That solid foundation starts with technical SEO.
Our technical SEO team analyses your website’s structure, crawling, indexing, internal architecture & other key elements to ensure your website meets the technical requirements of modern search engines in order to meet the goal of improved organic rankings. Optimizing these fundamental details can not only boost your site’s performance but help you rank above and beyond your competition.

Technical SEO Optimization

Off-Page Optimization

Now that the content is created, it’s time to rank our epic content page. This can be done by directing quality backlinks to a given page to make sure Google and other search engines see your website as trustworthy and authoritative. As off-page signals are at the foundation of Google’s algorithm without relevant, high-quality backlinks, your precious piece of content, along with your website will forever wait in vain for customers to find them. Our off-page SEO optimization services include link building, social media marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, youtube marketing and much more to generate valuable links, boost online ratings and drive quality traffic to your webpages.

Ongoing Optimization and Reporting

SEO is not a one-time to-do that you can check off and never worry about again. Instead, it demands constant attention to reach its maximal potential and to remain effective overtime. This is why our SEO marketing company provides ongoing SEO services to make sure you keep the market share and outperform your market rivals. Our services also include weekly and monthly reporting to offer insight into your current website performance. We efficiently track the success of your campaign and offer transparent information on deliverables such as increased search engine rankings, organic traffic, acquired backlinks, leads sources, conversion rates and much more in an easy-to-navigate, interactive dashboard.

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SEO Integrated Approach

Integrated Approach

We are a full-service firm and we manage more than just your search engine optimization campaign. Our agency provides creative solutions to fuel your SEO efforts, grow your organic traffic and supercharge your business. Our goal as a marketing agency is to focus on marketing and brand exposure as a whole, giving you a complete marketing solution.

Revenue-Driving SEO Experience

Revenue-Driving SEO Experience

We are not selling theory with our SEO services. Our reputation speaks for itself as we’ve produced amazing results for countless businesses through the use of our surefire strategies. Our expert SEO team always keeps up to date with the latest industry trends to deliver the best results.

Transparent SEO Reporting

Transparent Reporting

Numbers don’t lie, that’s why we make sure to track and measure your results, offering transparent reporting to each of our clients. We provide weekly and monthly performance reports that detail the number of keyword rankings, search engine positions and organic search traffic so that you can stay on top of your business growth.

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