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Why Email?

With the rise of social networks and newer, shinier strategies many people believe that email marketing is simply not effective anymore. However, to no marketer’s surprise, that is not the case. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and conversion-rich digital marketing strategies available. It’s potent, persuasive and allows you to connect with your audience like never before. Here’s some data to back it up.

1 %
consumers check their email on a daily basis
$ 1
for every $1 spent on email marketing
1 %
of millennials prefer communications from businesses to come via email

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Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Strategy

Over 250 billion emails are sent and received daily. How can you make sure that your email doesn’t get lost in crowded inboxes, or worse, be sent to the spam folder.
The first thing we do is establish your buyer personas to determine what they are looking for to create a custom-tailored strategy with a consistent brand voice that provides value. We can help deliver automation sequences on the right time with the right massaging to move your customers along the buying funnel.

Powerful Mailing List

Arguably the most important step of your email marketing strategy is building a Powerful Mailing List. When most people think about building an email list they think of opt-in forms that will magically compel readers to sign up. There’s no harm in dreaming but reality is way different. That’s what our digital marketing specialists are here for. We’ll cultivate a loyal subscriber base to turn casual visitors into long-term loyal customers. 

Powerful Mailing List

Lead Magnets

Optimized landing pages that offer a valuable incentive to the visitor is the key to converting anonymous page traffic into promising prospects. We will develop unique lead magnets and design properly optimized, highly engaging landing pages that turn readers into subscribers without fail.

Personalized CTAs

Eye-catching subscription forms are probably the most effective way of gaining email subscribers, but if you’re aiming to boost conversions, having a standard form won’t cut it. We create personalized calls-to-action that meets the unique needs of each visitor by making a few small changes and boosting view-to-submission rate by more than 42%.

Squeeze Pages

We design and implement various squeeze pages with different lead magnets for all segments of your audience to deliver the best ROI results. As such types of landing pages are essentially focused on one thing: getting visitors to sign up to the newsletter, it converts better than any other page.


Instead of creating in-your-face, annoying pop ups that only feed your bounce rate, we create unique exit-intent popups that appear just before the visitors leaves the webpage offering a valuable incentive without distracting from the actual page content.

Compelling Email Templates

Are you wondering how to make sure that your emails not only get clicked but also converted? We create riveting, personalized, easy-to-read email templates that deliver results every single time. We provide mobile-optimized responsive templates that are easy to use, easy to customize and manage. Plus, we provide all the custom copywriting, so you can properly relax and let us handle it all.

Compelling Email Templates

Irresistible Email Templates That Get Clicked

Content Newsletter

At the center of every successful email marketing campaign is the value you provide to your audience. And content newsletters are exactly the type of emails that provide pure value. They drive engagement, boost open rates and prime your audience for your next epic email.

Marketing Offer

Switching from an email that only provides value to a sales offer can be quite tricky. But when you build meaningful relationships with your audience, a sales pitch isn’t going to catch them off guard. Instead they will be more interested to see what you have to offer, especially if it’s a one-time-only, limited offer especially for them.


Introducing a new business, brand new product, live event, limited-time offer to your customers is no easy feat. Announcement emails manage to instantly inform your existing subscriber base about the news you’ve got, giving an ‘unfair advantage’ as they are very interested in what you have to offer.

Blog Newsletter

Blog newsletters are one of the greatest ways to promote your content. It informs your subscribers about a new post directing them to your blog with the promise of added value in the form of a solution to a certain problem they might face, amazing research you conducted or just some tips to help with their career and business growth.

Email Automation

Email Automation

Marketing automation can deliver results even while you sleep. Although, it can’t magically boost your sales, when used right it can make a huge impact. We create fully customized segmented autoresponder sequences to give your subscribers the right content at the right time by using incentives and progressive persuasion techniques.
Research shows that running a drip campaign to a segmented list can drive 18x more revenue for businesses and leads that are nurtured over time make 47% larger purchases.

Real Time Reporting

Now that the email marketing database is built and the email copy is written, it’s time to track and measure the success of the campaign. Our services include monthly reporting to offer insight into your current email marketing performance. We track open rates, click through rates, unsubscribe and conversion rates—so we can plan your next best move.

Real Time Reporting

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Integrated Approach

We are a full-service agency and we manage more than just your email marketing campaign. Our agency offers full-service, solutions to fuel your email marketing efforts, grow your brand and supercharge your business.


Client-Focused Campaigns

No two email marketing campaigns are the same therefore each project is approached with full creativity and undefined individuality. We refine your targeted audience, take aim and launch custom data-driven email marketing campaigns for your brand.

Goal Focused Growth

The focus of every email campaign is your brand and your business goals in order to achieve insane growth. Whether it be getting closer to your audience or generating quality leads, we’ve got you covered.

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