What are Average SEO Prices Based on 3500+ SEO Service Providers Analysis?

Are you a business owner that wants to calculate a budget for SEO and needs recent data, or an SEO agency that wants to update the price list or wants to know the industry’s average? Or perhaps just a journalist that is seeking to find an SEO prices research for the new article? It doesn’t matter, because, during the past couple of months, our team was doing the hard work:

  • Finding SEO service providers that offer International and local SEO packages
  • Filtering scammers and untrustworthy providers
  • Outreaching them via email or other channels or collecting data from open sources
  • Sorting and analyzing data


So, without any delay, keep reading for detailed analysis.

Full Package SEO Prices

✅ Check Mark Button In this section, we will provide the prices for full-package SEO services. But pay attention to that; it can vary as some agencies and providers have very basic services in the package. We noticed this pattern with all low-price SEO packages.

SEO Agencies


The SEO min price worldwide is $836 (average), the standard is 2722, and the maximum is 14958 (average). These prices vary based on what services are included, if the link building is included or not (note that these prices don’t include fees for links), hours spent on the project, the website, and business scale, etc.
The SEO prices distributed by countries are shown below, starting from the most expensive:

 For the minimum package, you will get all or some of the below standard services:

  • Website optimization recommendations
  • One SEO-focused blog post per month
  • Local optimization
  • Monthly SEO and Analytics reports
  • Analytics setup
  • Google penalty check
  • Page speed optimization analysis
  • Duplicate content check
  • Keyword consistency check
  • Keyword monitoring (limited number, usually up to 3)
  • Link-building (limited number + websites low quality, mainly PBNs)

❗ Exclamation Mark Be aware that with low packages, you may need to add extra fees for each additional service. This will quickly raise your monthly expenses, so pay attention to the terms, read the contract carefully and clarify the range of services. 

💡 Light Bulb

For the average pricing, you may get some or all of the SEO services listed below:

  • On-Page SEO (web page limitations)
  • Local SEO (locations numbers limitations)
  • Ongoing website optimization
  • Weekly SEO-focused blogs (limited number)
  • Keyword analysis (keywords numbers or page limitations)
  • Meta title and description (page limitations)
  • Heading tag optimization (page limitations)
  • Images Alt Tag analysis and updates (page limitations)
  • Technical SEO analysis and recommendations
  • Search Console/Analytics setup/analysis
  • Link building (only service fee)
  • SEO reports

💰 Money Bag

High Price SEO services usually include all above-mentioned without limitations and a dedicated manager. In addition, the clients will get full technical SEO implementations, monthly technical support, entire blog clusters, and digital PR. Please note that the link-building budget isn’t included, just the service fee.

The above prices can vary based on the following:

  • Business type -is it a small business, enterprise, or e-commerce 
  • The number of web pages
  • The time that client requires to get results
  • The website age (older website, more issues, higher prices)
  • Additional requirements from the client that aren’t included in standard packages
  • The niche and industry


✅ Check Mark Button For SEO freelancers, the prices are very diverse, starting from as low as $3 (but again, pay attention to the range of services and quality) and getting to $500+. Usually, the price is higher for hourly consultancy and based on the SEO specialist’s location. But our analysis showed that expert SEOs require higher salaries no matter the area. But, again, it can be very tricky to identify SEO scammers or choose a reliable SEO service provider.

SEO Consultancy Prices

✅ Check Mark Button SEO consultancy prices are pretty high considering that the duties of an SEO consultant are extensive, including:

  • Planning
  • Strategy
  • Implementation
  • Analytics
  • Campaign managing
  • Coordinating SEO, content, and other marketing teams work
  • etc.

Different SEO Services Prices

✅ Check Mark Button If you need a specific SEO service, check the prices breakdown below:

Business Type

✅ Check Mark Button Based on the business type and scale, the SEO prices can differ:

When to Expect First SEO Results?

✅ Check Mark ButtonBased on our survey, only 12.5% of SEO agencies and freelancers said it would be possible to get SEO results and ranking within one month. ✅ Check Mark Button50% said it would take 6-12 months to get the first results, and 37.5% mentioned that it’s possible to get real and long-lasting results only after a year of constant SEO efforts.

Summing Up

Hopefully, this research will help business owners and SEO service providers understand the industry’s prices and base their expectations on average results. Note that this survey doesn’t consider customized campaigns and approaches, as the costs and offered services can differ based on each unique client and their business needs.

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