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DGF is a full-service influencer marketing agency that connects awesome brands with awesome creators. Authentic, creative, dynamic campaigns powered by data, knowledge and a whole lot of creativity. The outcome?


Eight out of every ten consumers have purchased something after having seen it as a recommendation by an influencer, which is why influencer marketing is becoming a critical investment for companies. With powerful influencers on your side, your company can grow awareness, improve engagement, and drive your audience to take action. You don’t want to miss out on that, do you?


1 %
of consumers depend on influencer recommendations
$ 1
FOR EVERY $1 SPENT ON Influencer Maketing
1 %
of marketing engage with influencers for content promotion

Why Influencer Marketing?

They Build Credibility

Trust and loyalty is one of the most valuable assets that social media influencers have with their audience which in turn builds your brand’s credibility

They Generate Sales

With precisely-targeted and tailored fit content influencers are able to generate more sales than most conversion strategies

They Boost Organic Traffic

With their massive social media followings plus loyal audience, influencers are able to drive organic traffic, engagement and overall brand awareness without fail

They Create Fresh Content

Influencers, unlike marketers, create authentic custom-fit content that is considered unbiased by their followers

They Improve SEO Rankings

Influencer collaborations can result in high-quality backlinks which is a direct ranking signal

Take a Step Towards Being Awesome

Speak to Your Audience Through Someone They Deem Trustworthy Through Their Authentic Content

People-Driven Influencer Strategy

Influencers are an excellent source of social proof for brands, but they are not one size fits all. That’s why first, we define your target audience – who you are trying to reach with your influencer campaign. After establishing your target audience, we set a budget and select which KPIs to measure. We carefully identify and track buyer personas before creating customized and sustainable influence marketing campaigns for your brand.

Brand-Relevant Influencer Identification

Choosing the right people for your campaign is one of the primary keys to success. We identify niche-relevant influencers that resonate with your desired audience, reflect your brand values and have the power to impact the purchase decision of your consumers. Afterwards we create a comprehensive list of potential influencers who are a good fit for your goals, including a summary of their performance.

Brand-Relevant Influencer Identification
Network Development

Network Development

After choosing relevant influencers that are a good fit for your brand and goals, your dedicated account specialist reaches out to them and if the chosen creators voice interest in collaborating with you, we ask them to sign a legal agreement where the Influencers know their rights and obligations. In this spirit we build influencer communities of passionate brand advocates that have a natural chemistry with your brand and a true interest in promoting your products or services, allowing you to leverage influencers for ongoing activities.

Creative Brief Development

After securing your perfect influencer we move forward by creating a content brief with your influencer: an overview of the content the influencer will create.
We believe in producing attention-grabbing content that is beneficial to your brand, entertaining for audiences and unique every time. It is critical to allow influencers to retain their creativity and personal style while partnering up with you as they gain their audiences due to the original and useful content they put out, and content that is overtly promotional takes away the influencer’s natural appeal to their audience.

Creative Brief Development
Effective Publishing Scheduling

Effective Publishing Scheduling

We determine the best posting schedule using KPIs and demographic trends to ensure that all influencers are posting regularly and at the right time. We strongly believe that influencer marketing should be integrated with the rest of the marketing strategy to create a cohesive campaign that can expand your brand reach and boost brand awareness.


How do you know that your influencer marketing strategy is working? Through a comprehensive real-time reporting dashboard. We will provide you with real data showcasing exactly what was achieved, highlighting the success of the campaign and the benefit it brought. This will help your team to analyze campaign performance to scale to even greater heights, uncovering actionable insights for your future successful campaigns.

We Solve Real Problems

Why Choose Us for Influencer Marketing Services?


Custom Strategies

While some agencies focus on standard approaches to influencer marketing, we take on innovative strategies with long-term potential, and industry-specific influencers at its core. We invest the time to learn your business in order to create the most successful data-driven strategy tailored to your brand needs.


Multi-Channel Approach

From Instagram to YouTube to TikTok we create cross-channel influencer campaigns engaging different creators across multiple channels to widen your reach to more potential consumers, as they spread their attention across numerous social media platforms.


Exponential Growth

At our full-service influencer marketing agency we craft personalized campaigns that enable you to drive powerful conversions, develop long-lasting social engagement, hit sales targets and grow beyond expectations.

Level Up Your Influencer Marketing Strategy With Multichannel Impact

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