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Digital Marketing and Web Development Prices: A Market Research

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    Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to overlook the benefits that digital marketing brings to small or big, local or international businesses.

    But with so many digital marketing companies, freelancers, consultants, and strategists, it isn’t easy to understand the industry’s average and calculate a budget. 

    For the past 4-5 months, our company analyzed almost 7500 online marketing service providers and their fees. Below are the steps we performed to get accurate data:

    1. Analyzing ~ 7500 international or English-speaking online marketing service providers.
    2. Removing the ones that were untrustworthy, fishy, or not competent enough.
    3. Outreaching the remaining companies and freelancers or extracting the information from open sources like their website, Upwork, or other platforms.
    4. Sorting and analyzing the data that we received from 3500 service providers.

    Full-Service Digital Marketing Packages Prices

    ✅ Check Mark Button Although the prices for full digital marketing services vary based on the location, the companies with a solid monthly plan and strategy, charge almost the same amount. The fee can be different based on the list of services and countries:

    Country Min (average) Average Max (Average)
    USA $1320 $5104 $56877
    Australia $1100 $4820 $33000
    Canada $1183 $4960 $35000
    UK $1218 $3806 $27085
    India $411 $599 $2147
    Nigeria $220 $813 $2500
    Philippines $250 $1500 $18500
    UAE $1199 $3999 $12300
    Other Countries $1500 $2993 $20500

    Min monthly package most likely will include the following services:

    • SMM (limited channels)
    • PPC (only service fee)
    • Basic SEO
    • Basic monthly report


    • SMM
    • PPC (only service fee)
    • Basic SEO
    • Email marketing (only service fee)
    • Monthly reports
    • Monthly meetings
    • Basic design
    • Dedicated manager


    • SMM 
    • PPC (only service fee)
    • Full SEO, including content writing
    • Email marketing (only service fee)
    • Monthly reports
    • Weekly meetings
    • Full design for all campaign types
    • Website design and basic tech maintenance
    • Dedicated manager
    • Quarterly and annual strategy and scope review
    • Quarterly and annual content plan
    • Full SEO, SMM, PPC and email marketing strategy and implementation
    • Branding and basic digital PR

    💡 Light Bulb

    ✅ Check Mark Button One time full digital marketing services min price is $1000 and the average is around $5450. But if you have a big project, then you should expect the average price to be $13300.

    ✅ Check Mark Button Full digital marketing services min hourly consulting is around $68/hour.  The average price is $433/hour and the maximum average is $1500/hour.


    Hourly Minimum (Average $)


    Hourly average $


    Hourly Maximum (Average $)

    SMM Services Prices Breakdown

    SMM services prices can vary depending on different factors, such as:

    • the services type included
    • the project’s scope and duration
    • the number of social media channels being managed
    • the industry and niche
    • and other factors

    During the research, we tried to be as detailed as possible to get the full picture.

    Country Min (average) Average Max (Average)
    USA $540 $1330 $10375
    Australia $579 $1196 $2000
    Canada $499 $1149 $1999
    UK $443 $1052 $3582
    India $300 $725 $1800
    Other $407 $612 $1650

    ✅ Check Mark ButtonSMM services prices based on the number of channels and specific channel below:


    Monthly Average $


    Monthly Average $


    Monthly Average $


    Monthly Average $


    Monthly Average $


    Monthly Average $

    ✅ Check Mark ButtonSMM freelancers monthly fee is around $495  – $1095.

    PPC Services Prices Breakdown

    ✅ Check Mark ButtonPPC services prices can vary greatly depending on the scope of a business and the complexity of the campaign. It’s important to note that the ads budget and service fees are separate. Most agencies don’t have a preset PPC ads budget because it can vary not only from client to client but also from campaign to campaign.

    Country Min (average) Average Max (Average)
    USA $733 $1993 $7998
    Australia $260 $580
    Canada $548 $1282
    India $612 $1710
    UK $457 $1230
    Other $410 $636

    ✅ Check Mark ButtonPPC ads budget is determined after understanding the business, it’s industry, targeted keywords and countries, the campaign scope, etc. Very average prices are displayed below:


    Minimum (Average $)


    Average $


    Maximum (Average $)

    Content Writing Prices Breakdown

    ✅ Check Mark ButtonThe content writing prices differ based on writer’s experience, length and complexity of the text, content type, research amount needed, and more. Below is a detailed table with prices breakdown:

    Min (average) Average Max (Average)
    Monthly $376 $1279 $6348
    Per Word $0.04 $0.27 $1.5
    Hourly $10 $50 $70

    Email Marketing Prices Breakdown

    ✅ Check Mark ButtonBased on our research, min average of email marketing prices is $502, the average is $1432, and the max average is around $4496.


    Minimum (Average $)


    Average $


    Maximum (Average $)

    Reputation Management Prices Breakdown

    ✅ Check Mark ButtonAlthough some agencies can ask for hourly or flat fees, but most of them work for monthly fees.  The min average of reputation management prices is $1336, the average is $3675, and the max average is around $5500+.


    Minimum (Average $)


    Average $


    Maximum (Average $)

    SEO Consultancy Prices

    ✅ Check Mark Button If you need a specific SEO service, check the prices breakdown below:

    SEO Services Price
    One Time Set Up $1185-$8547
    Per Link Average Cost $445
    Link Building Monthly Average $7077
    On Page Monthly (content writing not included) $729
    SEO Audit $1022-$5504
    Keyword Research $845+
    Local SEO $576-$1181
    GBP Maintenance $411-$1068
    GBP Set Up $517-$768
    Site Speed (monthly) 800+

    If you need more details on SEO prices, check our next research article:

    👉 Backhand Index Pointing Right Digital Marketing Prices Market Research

    Web Design Package Prices

    ✅ Check Mark ButtonMost agencies offer web design and development services in one package. But if you are looking for a separate service price list, check the charts below:

    Country Min (average) Average Max (Average)
    USA $648 $2547 $10185
    Australia $545 $3456 $7745
    Canada $538 $2499 $8583
    India $339 $759
    UK $865 $2580 $10380
    Other $699 $3127 $6500

    ✅ Check Mark ButtonAlthough many believe that freelancers charge far less than agencies, but our research shows that the difference is not that big. Sometimes agencies can charge even less than freelancer designers:

    Min (average) Average Max (Average)
    Freelancers $840 $1899 $10563
    Agency $643 $1841 $8500

    Web Development and Design Prices

    ✅ Check Mark ButtonAs already mentioned, most web development companies include web design services in the package as well.

    Country Min (average) Average Max (Average)
    USA $2694 $6046 $41036+
    UK $2805 $6000 $26728+
    Other $2067 $6418 $20000

    💡 Light Bulb

    ✅ Check Mark ButtonA minimum web development and design monthly price is around $562, the average is $2048 and the maximum is $7500.

    ✅ Check Mark Button An hourly web development and design can cost min $75/hour, and maximum – $2000/hour.

    ✅ Check Mark Button An app development minimum cost is $3900, the average is $9700, and the maximum average is $35195+.

    ✅ Check Mark Button An ecommerce website development minimum cost is $2500, the average is $4000, and the maximum average is $15000+.

    ✅ Check Mark Button A WordPress website design and development minimum cost is $2765, the average is $6814, and the maximum average is $11795+.

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