The Ultimate Social Media Marketing FAQ

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Table of Contents

What is Social Media?

What Does a Social Media Marketer Do?

A social media marketer creates an SMM strategy with actionable steps, implements the strategy, monitors its performance and analyzes the results. The main duties of social media marketer or an SMM agency are:

  • Create a company’s SMM strategy
  • Coordinate the SMM strategy with the general marketing strategy
  • Collaborate with other digital marketing teams
  • Choose the right social media channels for the company
  • Know SMM tools necessary for everyday work
  • Create and post social media content
  • Monitor and analyze the competitors’ performance on social media
  • Create creative campaigns
  • Be aware of changes and new trends
  • Follow different social media platforms algorithm updates
  • Check analytics on a daily basis
  • Analyze the results, collect data
  • Perform A/B testing
  • Make adjustments to the SMM strategy based on analytics and testing.

How to Hire Social Media Manager?

Here are how to hire a social media manager:

  • Understand your goals
  • Search LinkedIn
  • Search Google using the right keywords
  • Check SMM agencies websites
  • Check platforms like Upwork or Freelancer
  • Ask your friends, business partners or your network 
  • Check social media channels

How to Use Social Media Marketing?

How to Market Your Business on Social Media?

For marketing your business on social media implement these tips: 

  • Create engaging content
  • Come up with a viral campaign idea
  • Don’t overpromote your brand
  • Write about topics that will catch your customers’ attention
  • Be true to your company’s values
  • Humanize your brand
  • Be funny, use jokes
  • Tell your brand’s story
  • Be genuine 

How to Do Social Media Marketing?

If you want to use social media for marketing and for promoting your business you need to follow these steps:

  • Formulate clear goals
  • Create your social media strategy
  • Perform competitors and market research
  • Choose the right social media channels fit for your business 
  • Implement content
  • Be consistent and post constantly
  • Answer to all comments and messages
  • Check analytics and monitor your posts and page’s performance

How to Create Social Media Content?

For creating engaging social media content you can find inspiration everywhere, for example:

  • Post videos
  • Add high quality visuals
  • Create infographics
  • Post controversial questions and poll
  • Follow the latest news in your industry and be the one to post them
  • Be aware of the latest trends
  • Follow large forums threads, questions and answers
  • Analyze the viral SMM campaigns of all time
  • Post challenges

How to Create a Social Media Campaign?

If you want to create an engaging social media campaign, you need to:

  • Set the goal you want to achieve with your campaign
  • Research direct and indirect competitors campaigns
  • Analyze viral social media campaigns and what they have in common
  • Be creative and try to stand out
  • Understand your audience and create a buyer persona
  • Choose the social media platforms you want to run the campaign
  • Measure your performance
  • Analyze your success or failure to create a better one

How to Use Pinterest for Social Media Marketing?

Pinterest is a major social media channel with more than 444 mln monthly active users (Statista). For starting with Pinterest marketing, you need to:

  • Understand if it’s a good fit for your business
  • Create a Pinterest business account
  • Create boards and optimize the description and cover photo of each board
  • Claim your website (if you have any)
  • Upload high quality images and share your blog posts
  • Post constantly 
  • If you have an eCommerce website, upload your products and link them to your Whatsapp

How to Grow Social Media

How to Grow Social Media?

Social media takes time to work and grow. Expect creating a detailed strategy and outstanding content, you should be patient and follow these steps:

  • Hire a professional team
  • Connect with the industry’s influencers
  • Cooperate with the industry’s authorities
  • Understand how to use hashtags
  • Implement paid social media advertising strategy
  • Ask your clients to leave reviews
  • Remember that each social media is unique and you need a unique plan
  • Provide excellent customer service.

Social Media Marketing Costs and ROI

How to Measure Social Media Engagement?

The number of likes, comments, shares / Total followers * 100

How to Measure ROI in Social Media Marketing?

Profit/Total Investment * 100

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