The Ultimate Reputation Management FAQ

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Table of Contents

What Does Online Reputation Mean?

Why Online Reputation is Important?

An online reputation can make your business thrive and grow or break even the most successful company. It’s a powerful tool that many companies neglect. A positive online reputation:

  • Raises your company’s trustworthiness,
  • Grows your sales,
  • Increases your brand’s loyalty,
  • Improves your business’ visibility,
  • Enhances your digital marketing efforts,
  • Helps to rank higher on SERP

How to Check Out a Company’s Reputation?

You can check your online reputation by:

  1. Checking your social media channels, monitoring reviews, comments, shares and likes
  2. Typing your brand’s or your name in the search box of Google or other search engines to check the buzz around your brand
  3. Checking online review websites
  4. Checking Google Business Profile reviews and comments, if you are a local business
  5. Checking your website’s comments section, if any
  6. Setting up Google alerts to get notified if someone types your brand’s name
  7. Using online tools

How to Clean Up Your Online Reputation?

It’s much easier to work on maintaining a good online reputation than cleaning an already damaged one. Be aware that it will take a long time and much effort to restore your online reputation. There are some actions that you can take immediately, like:

  • Performing an audit of your website, social media accounts or other profiles that you may have and removing all low quality, false and inappropriate content 
  • Answering to all negative reviews and trying to solve your customers’ issues
  •  If you think that someone is trying to deliberately ruin your online reputation or the reviews are unfair, you can ask for removal if they are on the third-party platform
  • Publish new high quality content on your website or social media
  • Improve your services, product and customer support
  • Get a legal help
  • Hire a professional team to not only fix a bad reputation but also to constantly improve it.

How to Improve Online Reputation?

For improving your brand’s online reputation you should: 

  • Update your company’s info constantly
  • Keep your website, blog and social media accounts updated
  • Ask your customers to leave reviews
  • Provide an excellent online customer support
  • Answer to all questions as soon as possible
  • Be polite and helpful
  • Keep ads on your website to a minimum, don’t advertise dubious products or services on your website
  • Humanize your brand, support social causes that matter, show your values
  • Taking advantage of online branding
  • And more.

What is Online Reputation Management?

What is Branding?

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