The Ultimate Pay-Per-Click Advertising FAQ

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Table of Contents

What is PPC?

How Does PPC Work?

How to Do PPC?

For a successful PPC campaign you need to:

  • Learn how PPC works
  • Understand PPC fraud and the ways to reduce it to the minimum
  • Do market research
  • Determine your target audience and targeted geographical areas 
  • Create buyer personas
  • Set a monthly budget
  • Choose the networks you want to join or platforms you want to use(Google Ads, Amazon Ads, etc )
  • Define the targeted keywords
  • Start small, do some testings  
  • Or just hire a professional team who will take care of your PPC campaigns.

Why PPC is Important?

PPC is an important part of digital marketing. Some of the benefits are:

  • It increases traffic
  • If done right, it shows quick results
  • For some business models, it’s the best or even the only channel to drive traffic
  • It allows targeting a specific audience 
  • It’s easy to make adjustments to the already running campaign
  • It’s data-rich
  • It increases the brand awareness

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