The Ultimate Amazon Marketing FAQ

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Table of Contents

How to Start an Amazon Business?

How to Start an Amazon Business?

If you are sure you want to start an Amazon business, you need to:

  • Understand what you want to sell
  • Do market research
  • Do product research
  • Research your competitors
  • Find manufacturers and suppliers
  • Understand how you are going to promote your business
  • Analyze your potential
  • Write down a detailed business plan
  • Open an amazon seller account

How to Grow Your Amazon Business?

For growing your business with Amazon faster you should:

  • Expand the selection of your products
  • Have a very good customer service
  • Solve the issues with the defective or not delivered products
  • Answers to the reviews, even to the bad ones. Try to understand the issue and remain polite
  • Optimize your listings
  • Invest in Amazon SEO and PPC
  • Take advantage of Amazon’s editorial recommendations
  • Start social media marketing

What Sells on Amazon?

Before starting to sell on Amazon, do market research and understand what’s trendy or define the market gap. Some things that sell well on Amazon are:

  • Books
  • Toys and games
  • Tech products
  • Beauty products
  • Home and kitchen products
  • Food
  • Accessories
  • etc

What is Amazon SEO?

How to SEO Amazon Listings?

If you want to do Amazon marketing right then you should start with the product listings optimization:

  • Write optimized titles
  • Use backend keywords
  • Break down the description into bullets points and paragraphs
  • Use keywords in descriptions
  • Use high quality main and additional images
  • Monitor, analyze and answer reviews

What is Amazon PPC?

How to Optimize Amazon PPC?

You can optimize your Amazon PPC by taking the steps mentioned below:

  • Use precise keywords
  • Include misspelled keywords and phrases
  • Exclude the keywords that aren’t relevant
  • Add compelling images/banners
  • Run some tests to see what works and what doesn’t
  • Structure your PPC campaign
  • Create appealing bids
  • Create different ad groups for different products.

Why are My Amazon PPC Ads Not Converting?

If Amazon PPC ads aren’t converting, some reasons can be:

  • Not optimized listing
  • Low quality images
  • Your prices aren’t competitive
  • Your product isn’t good enough
  • Your product or shop reviews are bad.

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